Cutie Pie Fall Fun Acrylic Pin


Just outside of Bittersweet Hollow, the Fall Fun Festival is in full swing as the leaves start to change color and the cool air blows in. This time of year Comfort Cuteness™ means hot cocoa, orange and yellow leaves on the ground, and fun around the campfire with friends. Join Puddin', Daisy, Reginald, and their buddies as the days get shorter and the fun lasts longer!

There are 9 Comfort Cuties in this collection of colorful clear acrylic pins. The pins vary in size and have a single post with a black rubber clutch. They can be put on jackets, backpacks, or displayed on a pinboard!

- The CHASE pin in each collection is only available by watching us on Popshop Live!
- Acrylic pins are approximately 1.5" tall
- Single post with black rubber clutch
- Each pin comes with a collectible checklist poster to help track your acrylic pins

*colors may vary from what you see on your screen

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